About Us

Our Company, Holofon Zrt. was established under the name Holofon '95 Kft. on 29 May 1995 with its seat in Budapest and its site in Tinnye, for the purpose of recycling, in their own materials, thermoplasts having generated mainly in the form of packing waste in the field of industry and trade. The secondary raw material so processed and recycled is an excellent base material for plastic processors for manufacturing finished products.

The founders of the Company are professionals with expertise acquired in plastic industry, processing and distribution. Our philosophy is to change the public approach to plastic waste.

With its dominant market share, Holofon Zrt. is the leading plastic recycling company of Hungary. Recycling is performed through an environment friendly technology whose basic processes are selecting, crushing, grinding and granulating. According to the types of wastes taken over, our base materials are HDPE, LDPE, PP and PS base materials. We are not engaged in taking over PET and PVC wastes.

In addition to our business success, we consider our duty related to increased environmental consciousness to take over and process plastic bottle cap wastes that can easily and cleanly be separated in households and communities.

Holofon Zrt. takes continuous efforts to perform developments related to technological processes and in the spirit of this it intends to integrate in its activity in the near future the easier processing of a certain sphere of wastes by introducing a washing technology.

We had our system certified at the end of September 2009.

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